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Aragis -3404780 seconds ago
I need this in my life. I want to be next!
Akilkree -3750380 seconds ago
very first 6 mins are just rubbish, AND WHEH THE REAL Hookup CUTS IN, IT IS EVEN WORSE.
Kigasida -3923180 seconds ago
You don't need to stay. You're not married to him. And don't bother being his friend least not now. Maybe in a few months you can try being his friend. However, do not stay. His family and friends will be there for him. Yes, you're going to be slammed by people in his camp. Who cares? It's going to hurt you at first, but oh well.
Brak -4095980 seconds ago
6718 -what happens if my GF shoves it in the panties ?