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Kazigis 2 years ago
I love your voice and the roleplay aspect is amazing
Arashiran 2 years ago
I actually looked into some "father's rights" organizations many years ago and you're likely right to be a bit suspicious. Ostensibly their goal is to provide various legal counseling services, but if you scratch the surface you find that underneath they are just deeply bitter men who want to find ways to get back at the mothers of their children (ya know, for "trapping" them /S). I learned what the MRA and MGTOW movements were from looking down that particular rabbit hole. Sent me running for the hills.
Grozragore 2 years ago
Thank you very much! I'm glad you loved it
Meztiran 2 years ago
Bitches be crazy.
Vuk 2 years ago
Hola bella agregame por fin encontré de RD